Over the years a number of publications have featured my artwork. Here's a sampling of some of the most recent examples.

James Cummins Bookseller
Catalogue 118, 2013

LL Bean Fishing Catalog
Spring 2011

Virginia Sportsman Magazine
October 2010

Between 1990 and 2008, Virginia and North Carolina made available Wildlife Conservationalist and Trout Unlimited license plates, with which drivers in those states can adorn their vehicles for a small annual fee. Most of this fee goes toward wildlife conservation in those states. I'm very proud to say that my designs were chosen for their plates!

Over the years I have written a number of articles for various publications, including Virginia Sportsman Magazine. Here are links to pdf files of three of my favorites.

Art of Angling Journal
Vols 1-3, 2002-2005

The Snake Rod

by RL Hunley

Atlantic Salmon Magazine
Autumn 2008

Big Sky Journal

FFF Flyfisher Magazine
Spring 2000

Golden Witch Catalog

Colorado Outdoors Magazine
July/August 1999

Virginia Wildlife Magazine
Trout Guide 2003 & 2004

FlyFisher Magazine
September 2002

Trout Bum

by John Gierach

Trout Bum

by John Gierach

Freshwater Wilderness

by John D. Varley & Paul Schullery

Playing With Fire

by Patrick Garner