While living in Boulder, CO (and tying flies at Hank Roberts Sport Shop), Drew Holl offered me a show at his prestigeous Crossroads of Sport gallery in Manhattan. It was a very heady experience! My parents attended the opening and were very proud of their little boy. Jack Sampson of Field & Stream attended as well.

A few years later, I had the honor of seeing one of my watercolors (framed with a Polly Rosborough stone fly) shown in William Cushner's amazing display of The Art of the Fly at Madison Square Garden.

On the occasion of the remarkably successful recovery of the greenback cutthroat, I was commissioned by Rocky Mountain National Park to paint a narrative display to help visiting anglers to differenciate between the threatened natives and the alien fontinalis.

A very successful show at Angler's Art in Cherry Creek, CO was attended by rodmakers Steve Jenkins and Michael Clark, authors John Gierach and A. K. Best, and another hero of mine, artist Eldridge Hardie.

During my Montana years, Bud Lilly allowed me to be the first non-Montana native to show in his gallery at the Trout Shop in West Yellowstone. Bud later bought my original watercolors for Varley and Schullery's "Freshwater Wilderness" for the Pat Lilly Memorial Art Gallery in the FFF National Headquarters in West Yellowstone, Montana.

My years in Livingston saw the creation of over 100 "Bar Flies" at the Murray Hotel...no, not what you'd think...these were portraits of local angling luminaries (along with a good measure of visiting cebrities). The portraits were shadowboxed along with a fly and signature by the subjects.

When the Museum of American Fly Fishing brought their amazing show "Anglers All" to the Museum of the Rockies, I was asked to show my large lithograph, "Bull Trout and Sculpin," to help flesh out the Rockie Mountain aspect of fly fishing history. But literally and figuratively, the painting of a 27' X 11' mural at the International Fly Fishing Center in Livingston was by far my biggest achievement!

My 27-foot mural in the "Warm Water Room" at the FFF's International Fly Fishing Center in Livingston, MT

Show at Murray Hotel, Livingston, MT

Wm. Cushner Show at Madison Square Garden

"Anglers All" at the Museum of the Rockies

Show at Angler's Art, Cherry Creek

A few of the 100-plus "Bar Flies" at the Murray Hotel

Narrative display at the Greenback Cutthroat restoration project in Rocky Mountain Nation Park

For a few years, I handled a line of dinnerware called "Fin and Feather". It was produced by the Essex Collection of Gloucester, MA and manufactured in Portugal from my watercolors. It was quite popular and well received but unfortunately is no longer available. Any 'Splenda Daddies' out there looking for a nice product to revive?

Yellowstone Sport Fishes was a small portfolio containing thirteen 8" X 10" prints of all the native (and non-native) game fish found in Yellowstone Park. The prints were reproductions of some of the watercolors I painted for the book Freshwater Wilderness, by John Varley and Paul Schullery.

I did the paintings over a two-year period and caught with fly rod all of the salmonids (with the exception of the lake trout) as well as a few of the cyprinids. The other model specimens I could not take on a fly, were seined or trapped for my camera...and later, my brush, by my friends at Dept. of Fish and Game on Lake Yellowstone.

The originals can be seen at FFF International Fly Fishing Center in Livingston, MT. Unfortunately, my Yellowstone Poerfolio is no longer available.